Freedom of Speech & Cultural Praxis

Freedom of speech as an abstract ideal does not exist. Freedom of speech can only occur within concrete power systems and social relations. The question is, “Whose freedom, and freedom for what?” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote: “I had hoped that the white moderate would understand that law and order exist for the purpose of establishing justice and that when...

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Recent posts

The Dangers of Objectivity in Psychological Science

This paper was constructed with a critical race theoretical lens and centered on storytelling as a legitimate intellectual, methodological tool. As an African-American, a descendant of enslaved Africans, my cultural experience in this country is rooted in this particular and...

Coffee Hour with Mike Cole

Coffee Hour with Mike Cole

Vygotsky's Writings about Imagination and Creativity Following an earlier discussion on XMCA initiated by Francine Smolucha, David Kellogg and Bernard Schneuwly, they have taken up my suggestion to gather for a coffee hour on Zoom.  We are scheduling the discussion...

AERA free session: Reimagining Cultural-Historical Activity Theory

The AERA Cultural-historical theory SIG is organizing a preconference session, which continues from where the Re-generating CHAT project left. The virtual participation is free of charge and open for everyone, The in-person participation requires registration to the AERA conference. (Flyer attached) To register...


The editorial collective of Cultural Praxis stands with the victims of the war in Ukraine. We say no to war in Ukraine, and no to the “forgotten” wars and forms of violence in Ethiopia, Libya, Palestine, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen. People have the...

“New horizons for the Funds of Identity”

Join the Discussion on ‘Calls for Action’

You are invited to join the discussion organized by the Critical pedagogies and Mathematics Education (CPME) research program at the University of Manchester, UK. Researchers will share important insights based on the case studies from The Rochdale Pakistani Communities Call...

The 9th Nordic-Baltic ISCAR conference

The 9th Nordic-Baltic ISCAR conference

The 9th Nordic-Baltic ISCAR conference will be held in Helsinki, Finland between 14 and 16 of June 2022. Our conference theme is “Towards inclusive and just societies: a dialogue with, within and beyond CHAT”. In the spirit of our theme, we...

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