Imagination and Creativity in Vygotsky's Works

The writings of L.S. Vygotsky continue to be a source of new ideas (inspiration) for people from many different disciplines, nearly ninety years after his death. The practical applications for education are myriad including preschool programs such as Tools of the Mind, Playworlds, and The Golden Key. Vygotskian concepts, such as the zone of proximal development, have also been applied throughout numerous curriculum programs, facilitating learning across the life-span and across disciplines. Yet, one very important aspect of his work remains relatively unknown, the development of creative imagination as a higher psychological function and its coordination with other higher psychological functions in psychological systems. This seminar consists of series of 90-minute ZOOM sessions with a presentation by a guest speaker followed by participant discussion. Selected readings will be available prior to each ZOOM session. Afterward the discussion can continue in the Comments section under each Video or in the general discussion under "Ongoing Conversation". This video seminar series allows a real time, ongoing, exchange of ideas among people interested in Vygotsky’s writings on imagination and creativity. In keeping with the spirit of Cultural Praxis, this format allows for an ongoing scholarly discourse among an international community who are participants (rather than an audience). If you would like to join the seminars, contact Francine Smolucha at This seminar series developed from five Coffee Hours based on Vygotsky's 1930 publication “Imagination and Creativity in Childhood". They were hosted by Professor Michael Cole. You can follow current Coffee Hour discussions HERE.
You can click on the posts below to rewatch the seminars and participate in discussions regarding the specific content covered in each seminar. You can find a list of all sessions in the Seminar Series, including the links to the video recordings. Please join our ongoing conversation if you wish to initiate or partake in a broader discourse on the topic.

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