The Purposes of Coffee Hours and Seminars

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    Michael Cole

    The basic difference between coffee hours and seminars is that Coffee Hours are designed to bring together people around a topic for a single session focused on some key issue in current research and theory within a broad, cultural historical, activity centered approach to human development. A seminar extends over several, perhaps many, sessions. The Imagination and Creativity Seminar grew out of a coffee hour that could not contain all of the issues involved in this vast topic. I participate in the I&C seminars, which are organized by Francine and Henry but I am responsible for organizing coffee hours.

    Any member of CP is welcome to join in our discussions. Participants are expected to read/view materials chosen by whoever performs as discussion leader for that session. We also ask that participants submit a question or comment on the readings so that, despite limited time, we can insure that the full diversity of voices can be heard.

    I am happy to discuss the topic of “minding the gap” , but that is a separate thread.
    1,455 Pageviews in the past month. CP must be doing something right. 🙂


    Dear Mike,

    Would it be fair to say that Coffee Hour is a synchronous ( via video, allowing for real-time interaction) dialogue hosted by Cultural Praxis? Other conversations can grow out of this dialogue, like what happened with the Imagination and Creativity Seminar.

    If you want to discuss the Minding the Gap thread, you can go to the other thread on this forum available at

    Michael Cole

    Yes. Both forms of communication involve shared text, a zoom session, and the potential of follow-up
    discussion. We are still exploring how best to make us of the various possibilities.


    I am glad to heart that I got it. Especially because I feel like we could work on a “submission process” in the coming months so that people who want to initiate a synchronous ( via video, allowing for real-time interaction) dialogue here could understand how to do it.


    In considering the purposes of Coffee Hours and Seminars, I thought that Jim Wretch’s Coffee Hour on “Habits of Collective Memory” resonated amazingly with Shannon Brincat’s first presentation in the Seminar series on Imagination and Creativity in the Works of Vygotsky.


    Damn the spelling correction Wertsch becomes Wretch! My apologies to Jim. I would also add that both Shannon and Jim challenge the collective habits of the imagination, Shannon in international relations, Jim more broadly.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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