An Urgent Call from Mind, Culture, and Activity

In an editorial titled Humanity’s leading activity: survival, of the humanity of our species, the editors of Mind, Culture and Activity: An International Journal make an urgent call for scholars to address pressing issues, offering both the journal and the Cultural Praxis website as a two-gear system of dissemination.

You can download the full editorial open access here.

2 thoughts on “An Urgent Call from Mind, Culture, and Activity

  1. Hi Alfredo and the rest of your team,
    I am involved in the reactivation of my neighborhood association, which I see broadly as a way to build community across economic, cultural, political, and age divides. As I have walked the neighborhood, right now to simply develop a contact list, I find everyone finds the project worthwhile and is interested in talking to me. Also I have found that the project resonates with my entire network of on-going projects, with my communities of practice, and with my professional and academic background. I sense I am on the way to blending neighborhood activism (praxis) and CHAT (theory). I have read your editorial and found many points of connection with my project.

    1. Hi Henry,

      your project does indeed sound very much aligned with all we aim to encourage and provide a platform for with this site. We really need to reconsider how to act globally by acting locally, in and through local community. I wonder, can you think of ways to amplify your project through this website, somehow? Or perhaps simply to share experiences about it that can inform other communities? Why to do what you do may not be immediately apparent to everyone, so simply sharing the why may be worth; how to do it is also a big(est) question, worth sharing. Thanks for writing.

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