An Audience Participation Question…Let’s Have Some Fun!

Writing for the general public is challenging — and rewarding. How would YOU explain Vygotsky’s theory for a general audience – e.g, parents, teachers, coaches, relatives – without sacrificing accuracy? It might be harder than it looks!  

Peter Smagorinsky publishes prolifically and also contributes regular newspaper columns for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  Andy Blunden translates, curates, and publishes at and also maintains a vibrant YouTube presence.

Feel free to respond this week in written or in video form. What would YOU say?

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2 thoughts on “An Audience Participation Question…Let’s Have Some Fun!

  1. Vygotsky’s theory socialises the individual and accounts for the movement and reorganisation of meaning across social agencies. This is largely achieved by distinguishing, developmentally, the use of signs and the ability to undertake actions.

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