Cultural Praxis


Cultural Praxis is a community forum co-constructed by contributing scholars and practitioners interested in the intersection between culture and human experience.

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The aim of Cultural Praxis is to stimulate opportunities for social change and development. Cultural Praxis promotes multi-voiced dialogue on the impacts of social, economic, and racial injustice, and the increasing impacts of environmental devastation.


Cultural Praxis publishes articles, essays, book reviews and discussions, teaching and activist resources, and artistic works. If you are a Mind, Culture and Activity author, Cultural Praxis can publish supplemental materials (videos, photos, and so on) relevant to your article.


The Cultural Praxis community welcomes both active listeners and those who comments and co-create content. To contribute to Cultural Praxis discussions and submit work please create a community profile.


If you have queries, suggestions, or simply want to be in touch with Cultural Praxis editors, please write and email to

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