Reply To: Minding the gap: on metaphors to the transition from imagination to reality


When we were talking about Cognitive Linguistics with Henry Shonerd and Mark Johnson
as our guest speakers, we talked about the limited applicability of any particular metaphor, with some being ‘richer’ than others.. How well do metaphors like Minding the Gap, Cycles and Loops, and Zigzags describe the dynamic interplay of imagination and reality?
In “Imagination & Creativity in Childhood” (1930), Vygotsky described a cycle wherein
elements from the external world (reality) are internalized, recombined as a new product of the imagination, and then through physical activity reintroduced to the world..

Maybe this is too mechanistic of a model:
Data goes in – processing occurs – output is generated

This is different from the metaphor of Minding the Gap, which seems to me to be
about filling in missing information to make sense of sensorymotor stimuli, rather than generating some new ‘output’ or activity.

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