AERA Cultural-Historical SIG (30) Call

We are looking forward to receiving interesting paper proposals for the forthcoming Cultural-Historical Research Special Interest Group (SIG #30)of the AERA Annual Meeting taking place in Orlando, Florida, April 9-12, 2021.  The Cultural-Historical Research Special Interest Group (SIG #30) of the American Educational Research Association (AERA) is a diverse grouping of researchers who approach learning, development and social change from a cultural-historical, socio-cultural and/or activity theoretic perspective. … Continue reading AERA Cultural-Historical SIG (30) Call

An Urgent Call from Mind, Culture, and Activity

In an editorial titled Humanity’s leading activity: survival, of the humanity of our species, the editors of Mind, Culture and Activity: An International Journal make an urgent call for scholars to address pressing issues, offering both the journal and the Cultural Praxis website as a two-gear system of dissemination. You can download the full editorial open access here. Continue reading An Urgent Call from Mind, Culture, and Activity