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Cultural Praxis is a forum for scholars and practitioners interested in understanding and being creative about how studying the intersection between human cultures and human experience can provide insights for praxis and open opportunities for social change and development. In the current moment, Cultural Praxis is especially interested in promoting a multivoiced dialogue focused on the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic; local, national, and international uprisings against socio-economic, racial injustices, structural racism and inequalities; and the Anthropocene. Cultural Praxis publishes original works in formats other than scientific articles, including blog entries on past, current, and future matters, book reviews, teaching and activist resources, and artistic works. Cultural Praxis also publishes supplemental material to Mind, Culture and Activity journal.

Works can be submitted by sending an e-mail and the content you wish to publish to culturalpraxis@ils.uio.no. We recommend you to take contact with us prior to submitting so that we can best support you in tailoring/formatting your content to the site. In addition to publishing original works relevant to connecting theory and praxis, you can submit news, events and important announcements. We are open for suggestions on other types of work to be published. We publish works, news, and events both in English and in Spanish.


If you have queries, suggestions, or simply want to be in touch with the Cultural Praxis editors, please write an e-mail to culturalpraxis@ils.uio.no