Social Media Push and Outreach September 8-9 2020

On Tuesday and Wednesday, September 8-9, Cultural Praxis is joining our US and Canadian colleagues in participating in the Scholar Strike for Racial Justice.  This is a mass action of higher education professionals protesting racist policing, state violence against communities of color, mass incarceration and other manifestations of racism.  Scholar Strike is meant to disrupt the everyday routines of academia, and to show solidarity with other workers striking for Black lives, particularly the athletes of the WNBA and NBA. On these two days, in a variety of ways, academic professionals are disrupting the status quo and refusing to stand by while racism and violence devastate Black Americans’ lives and communities.

Due to our participation, our responses to CP mail may be delayed.  Let us encourage you to follow #SCHOLARSTRIKE on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and to engage with the teach-in occurring on the Scholar Strike YouTube channel.  For people who are not able to participate but who are interested in learning, the website will post related materials after the 9th.

Use the hashtag: #Scholarstrike






YouTube Channel: ScholarStrike


Instagram: ScholarStrike

Please follow all of these sites, this is where you will find the latest information about the strike and you’ll also be able to DM us on twitter at @ScholarStrike

If you are doing a college or university wide program and want it advertised, please fill out this form

Link to Logos and Banners to use

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Media Links to stories on Scholar Strike

Inside Higher Ed


Inside Higher Ed: Quick Takes

AAUP Academe Blog                

How to use social media sites on Scholar Strike days

1. Please use the hashtag #ScholarStrike on all of your posts of the two-day action!

2. Tweet Threads on Racism, police violence, social justice, and highlighting victims of police shootings are welcomed, and encouraged, using the hashtag #Scholarstrike

Be succinct and direct. Facts are great, polemic is not.

3. Don’t engage the trolls. You will get some. If you are attacked online, especially by Campus Reform or Turning Point, let Anthea ( know ASAP. Immediately block anyone with that moniker in their twitter or FB bio. If you don’t block, these folks will be able to access anyone mentioned in the tweets or replies, as well as everyone you follow or who follows you. This is how they do targeted harassment.

4. Be sure to promote campus events with the hashtag as well.

5. We will do some live updates during the day on periscope, FB and YouTube, as well as short engagement posts on Instagram.

6. Please tag your posts and if you would like for us to post up for you, we will be looking at our email account periodically during the day

7. We will be posting from 10 am to 4-5 pm (Eastern Time) each day of the action, but please feel free to keep things going afterwards.

One thought on “Social Media Push and Outreach September 8-9 2020

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